Ombre ColorfillOur store teammates do some amazing things with personalization. Particularly when it comes to expert engraving and creative ideas. So when we heard one of our Assistant Managers was doing clever things with colorfill, we had to check it out.

If you didn’t already know, and you should because it’s super cool, Things Remembered provides an option to colorfill personalization on select products. Colorfill comes in a variety of colors and adds a pop to the personalization, allowing it to really shine.

Tinia, as Assistant Store Manager at Things Remembered, figured out that colorful could actually be added to the personalization with an ombre effect creating a unique color gradient on the product’s personalization.


TR: How did you first come up with the ombre colorfill idea?

Tinia: I initially thought of ombré when I bought my own Contigo Waterbottle and wanted to do something different with it.

TR: That’s so cool! How do you showcase what ombre options you’ve created to your customers?

Tinia: We actually created a secret menu board with a piece of clear glass to showcase all of the ombre options we’ve tested so we can show customers what it looks like. I actually thought of the idea one day when I left my water bottle at home and was trying to explain the ombre to a customer.
Ombre Colorfill

TR: What a great idea! I’m sure people are loving your colorful secret menu. How are people responding to it?

Tinia: They think it’s just the coolest thing! I’ve sold so much colorfill and so many Contigo water bottles all because of my own water bottle sitting on the back counter.TR: That’s amazing. What colors combinations can you do?

Tinia: You totally can make any color combination, it’s just about letting your creativity run wild! The prettiest thing we’ve put the ombré on is a set of wedding flutes.

TR: What do you wish customers would use colorfill on more?

Tinia: I wish people would use it on more of the drinkware! We did a wine glass for a customer and the ombré really set it over the top.Ombre Colorfill

Our Ombre Colorfill is only available in select stores from our Personalization Experts in-store, but make sure to ask about it next time you are in a Things Remembered Store searching for the perfect gift!

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