There’s no doubt that bridal shower registries are convenient. But they have all the sentimentality of grocery store shopping list. Sure, you’re getting the happy couple exactly what they want, but there’s something so impersonal about it. After all, this is a wedding gift. It should have some feeling, shouldn’t it?

This is especially true since many of the gifts that you select from a bridal shower registry will be unwrapped at the shower to the “oohs” and “ahhs” of friends and family. And it’s hard for the crowd to keep their enthusiasm for blenders and soup tureens.


So why not supplement your standard registry gift with something that will add a little personality. Something that says something about your relationship with the couple, or that will say something about the couple themselves.

It’s our specialty at Things Remembered to create customizable, highly personal gifts. And we have lots of options that will compliment your registry gift nicely.


bridal shower    Now, no one at the shower is going to break away from the snack table to make excited noises when the bride-to-be unwraps a toaster. But wait – what’s that other gift that goes with the toaster? Maybe it’s something from Things Remembered, like a State-Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board? That’s different. That’s unique. Maybe it’s the bride’s home state? Or the state where she went to college? Or the state where they’re moving to after the wedding? These fun, functional cutting boards make unique gifts, and can be engraved with the date of the wedding, or maybe the zip code of the bride’s hometown. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter, and it’s functional decoration for the bride’s new kitchen – that’s a win-win.

Getting the idea?


Did the bride put a set of kitchen towels on the registry? Of course she did; everyone needs kitchen towels. And she’ll appreciate when you get them. But it’s unlikely in a couple of years that she’ll look at that towel as she’s using it to take a tray of lasagna out of the oven and think of her deep and lasting friendship with you. But what if inside of those kitchen towels, there’s another gift – like our Sterling Silver Script Initial Necklace. This ¾” pendant can comes on an 18” silver chain. Choose the bride’s first initial and then have a special message engraved on the lid of the keepsake box. That’s a gift that will be remembered always.

bridal showerbridal shower



bridal showerThen there’s that other mainstay of the registry: the dreaded crockpot. Functional. Utilitarian. And with all the personality of, well … a crockpot. Yawns all around. But you can spice up this gift by putting a special surprise into the crockpot itself – like a Baldwin Antique Brass Doorknocker. Nicely engraved with the bride’s new last name, it’s sure to say a lot more about the new family she’s establishing than a slow-cooker. And whenever she walks in her front door, she’ll see that classic doorknocker and remember the person who selected a gift with true personality.


bridal showerWine is something that you might bring to shower to be enjoyed during the event. But why not bring a little something else – like a set of six Reidel O Stemless Cabernet Glasses. These modern, elegant glasses are from the makers of the original stemless red wine glasses, and can be personalized with the bride’s new monogram on one side, and a special message on the other.

Elevate your bridal shower gift giving by adding some personality – and something personal – from Things Remembered.

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