After the excitement of your wedding and honeymoon, it’s easy to think that now is the time to relax after months of non-stop prep and planning. But one more very important task stands in your way: writing your thank-you cards! We can’t say it will be a breeze, but our no-sweat guide to getting those envelopes in the mail as quickly as possible will make it much easier without losing that personal touch. After all, your friends’ and family’s thoughtfulness deserves recognition.

  1. Know the appropriate timeframes for sending thank-you notes.

Etiquette suggests you send thank-you notes within two weeks of receiving a gift. This is especially true of gifts you receive before your wedding day. However, for gifts received on your wedding day or in the year following, three months is a more appropriate and manageable timeframe to get those cards in the mail.


  1. Create out a spreadsheet while you’re opening your gifts.

As the first few gifts trickle in before the big day, you may assume it will be easy to keep track of who has given you what in your head. However, in the excitement and rush of the immediate lead up and aftermath of your wedding, you will almost certainly lose track of which family and friends have sent you which gifts. Make sure to keep track of whom each gift is from.

Our tip: Create a copy of your invite spreadsheet and use it to track thank you notes. Don’t forget to check each thank you as complete, so if splitting your list, you don’t duplicate one your spouse has finished.

  1. Make thank-you card writing a date for you and your sweetie.

Powering through a hundred thank-you cards at a time will feel like a serious chore. Turn your task into a fun, romantic night in with your spouse, and take turns writing to each recipient. You can sign both of your names to each card, or write on behalf of your spouse (David and I are so grateful for your gift…). Use the activity as a way to reminisce about all the great moments from your wedding day.



  1. Be brief, but personal.

There’s no need to write a novel for each thank-you card, but be sure to mention what specific gift each guest gave you, and talk a little bit about how it will help you and your new spouse settle into married life. For kitchen items, for example, you might mention how the gift will help you cook your favorite meal. For monetary gifts, you can describe a highlight of your honeymoon, and how their generosity helped you get there!

No matter how you approach the writing, express your gratitude to the loved ones who helped you along the way.

  1. Include a photograph of the big day for your guests to enjoy.

Finally, add an extra touch. Everyone loves to see the first photographs of the happy couple, and remember the special day. If you’re so inclined, include one of your photographer’s best snaps from the ceremony or reception, either as an insert or as part of personalized stationery.

Bonus tip: Your thank-you card is more likely to make your guests’ fridge with a photograph!

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