A groom shows his love with an engraved jewelry box gift

Lauren’s husband found the perfect way to send his love on their wedding day – without the before-the-ceremony bad luck!

My husband Mark wanted to have a moment, just the two of us, before the wedding. I said “no way,” because it’s bad luck. On the day of the wedding, Mark’s brother came to the dressing room and gave me a gift. It was a beautiful jewelry box engraved with

Engraving1-28-11 I Love You
5-15-12 Will You Marry Me?
7-20-13 I Do!

The dates represent our first date, the day he asked me to marry him and our wedding day. I was so emotional about this perfect gift that I almost ruined my makeup! I’ll always have my beautiful wedding present from my husband and the memory of those emotional moments just before we said “I Do!”

What a beautiful before-the-ceremony moment for Lauren and Mark!

Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box

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