They are the unseen “face” of your company. They are the first people that your customers contact when something goes wrong … and the people who solve the problems and keep your customers happy. Yes, we’re talking about those headset-wearing heroes who man the phones: The always smiling folks of your customer service team.



Join companies all over the world in a celebration of these hard-working people of the phone lines from October 3rd until October 7th. This is an outstanding opportunity to thank those that do your business’s most thankless job for endless hours. So go beyond the “thank you” email and really show your team how much you appreciate the important work they do all year long. You’ll boost morale, teamwork, and motivation – and all that positivity will be sent on to your customers.

Things Remembered can help you really show your appreciation with celebration ideas and thoughtful gifts that employees will not only use, but close to them as reminders of your thanks all year long.


One thing that’s sure to put a grin on your customer service crews’ collective faces is food. Get the week kicked off right by making sure there are lots of fresh baked goods waiting in the break room when everyone walks in on Monday morning the week of the celebration. There’s nothing like a nice freshly frosted bear claw to start your week.


And since can’t have donuts and pastries without coffee, treat your team to a special surprise: Make sure everyone is greeted at their work station by a personalized, double-walled coffee mug from TR. Our insulated mug can keep your team’s caffeinated beverage of choice nice and hot during long shifts on the line. And the stainless steel plate on the side is ideal for your employees’ names along with a message of thanks from the company. Make your customer service week an extra treat by having the coffee service catered all week.Double Walled Coffee Mug


You can also thank your team by helping them do their jobs with style. We offer a huge selection of Journals, ideal for taking notes, helping keep lives in order and important things unforgotten. Our Journals are the epitome of professional note-taking with a classic pebble-grain cover, and a space to personalize their name or your logo. It’s great for helping folks keep on top of things at work or at home. And nothing pairs better with a journal than a personalized pen — like our exclusive Reflections Ballpoint Pens, engraved with their name or the department or a fun team-building message.Naby Pebble Grain Journals


To thank your customer service team, you’d like to give them a big hug for everything they do. And now you can. Sort of. Not a real hug because, well, that would be weird. But you can wrap them in comfort with our personalized Sweatshirt Blanket. These big, cozy throws are made from the same super-soft material that made you fall in love with your favorite old sweatshirt, and they’re perfect for game day, the beach, or curling up on the couch. Or staying cozy while on the phones or in the break room. Add their name or initials with your company logo or a thank you message, and give them the perfect pat on the back for everything they do.Sweatshirt Blanket

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