Beer fans usually don’t need much of an excuse to get together and tilt back a few. Nevertheless, the mother of all beer drinking celebrations is right around the corner: Oktoberfest. And that’s nearly a month’s worth of great excuses to have some friends over and share some brews.


Here in the States, Oktoberfest is a little misunderstood. It may seem like it was started as an excuse to drink beer, but the tradition actually began as a wedding party for a Bavarian crown prince in 1810. (Come to think of it … a wedding is the perfect excuse for drinking beer).

But you don’t need a history lesson to enjoy Oktoberfest. You don’t even have to be German. You just like eating, drinking, and having a good time. And Things Remembered has everything beer drinkers need to make Oktoberfest – or any other fest – a big hit.


Americans usually associate Oktoberfest with girls in traditional dirndls carrying armloads of gigantic mugs full of beer. And with our engraved Moby Beer Mugs, you can recreate that part of Oktoberfest in your own home (dirndl optional). These hearty glasses hold 34 ounces of your favorite brew – that’s one liter, just like they drink at the festival in Munich. Each mug has a pewter emblem that you can engrave with your nickname, or a phrase like “get your own beer.”


Don’t be afraid to mix up your beer drinking styles during the festival. Try to vary the type and brand of beer you drink. You can even decide to drink like someone from a country other than Germany. Instead of a liter of lager, maybe a British pint is more your speed. Our British Pint Glass comes in the classic shape of the barware seen at pubs throughout the United Kingdom. And while they’re called “pint glasses” hold the 20 ounces of the famed imperial pint rather than the 16-ounce pints found here in the colonies. And there’s more than enough room on these hearty glasses for your name.Oktoberfest Beer


Bring some American style to the party with a great beer glass in the shape of a can. After all, we Americans created the concept of canned beer. And you can pay tribute to our Yankee ingenuity with this 16-ounce glass in the shape of a classic can of brew. The sides of each of our can glasses taper at the top to hold the foamy head intact. And since Americans love automation, these are dishwasher safe. Don’t forget to mark these unique glasses as your own by putting the name of your nickname on them.


For an Oktoberfest celebration, a keg or three might be in order. But instead of having half the party standing around the barrel trying to get their fill, you can distribute the brew more efficiently with the Things Remembered 60-ounce Beer Pitcher. This classic bar-style pitcher has an ergonomic design, so it’s easy to lift and pour even when it’s full of your favorite craft beer. Engrave it with a celebratory phrase, because whenever it’s in use, you know that times will be good. It’s perfect for Oktoberfest, but just as efficient for pouring margaritas on Cinco de Mayo or lemonade on July 4th.

oktoberfest beerKEEP HUNGER AT BAY

You can’t have beer without snacks. Of course for Oktoberfest, you’ll think pretzels are the way to go (not the crunchy small ones, but the big, soft doughy kind). But after a few brews, it’s not likely that your guests will be too picky. Whether you want to stick with the German theme, or just serve pizza pockets or salami and cheese, our Appetizer Tray can get the job done. Crafted from recycled soapstone, this tray looks earthy and unique. Engrave it with a name or your favorite saying for a personal touch. And since it’s stone, it can go from oven to table, keeping hot appetizers warm and delicious.

Hoist a glass and celebrate this great German tradition with Things Remembered wide selection of barware!

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