It’s been one of those weeks. At the office, your work is piling up faster than you can finish it. At home, you struggle to stay on top of the bills. And the laundry. And don’t forget the dog needs to go to the vet. Not to mention the stack of dishes in the sink which, no matter how hard you wish, are simply not going to clean themselves.

Just creating a short period of “Me Time” during each day can do wonders for your psyche, and keep you fresh and ready to face the challenges of each day. At Things Remembered, we know that to make “Me Time” really special, you need to put your mark on it. Don’t worry: we have the perfect collection of self-pampering items that you can put your stamp on, turning any mini-staycation from reality into a magical – and much deserved – escape and with Relaxation day coming up on August 15th, there’s no better time to create your happy place.

MAKE IT COZY   Relaxation RObe

Slipping into something comfy is usually a crucial first step in decompressing from the stress of the day. So ditch your work clothes and wrap yourself in our thick, cozy Terry cloth Robe. Just putting on this comfortable robe will make your living room feel like a five-star resort. It’s luxuriant and durable, perfect for all your in-home lounging activities. Make sure to get it nicely monogrammed with your initials to ward off any potential borrowers, because you’ll want this robe all to yourself.Relaxation Tea


No “Me Time” getaway is complete without a nice warm cup of tea or coffee. And the Luigi Bormilolo Thermal Beverage Cup Set is the ideal vessel for your beverage of choice. It’s lightweight and clear double-walled glass keeps drinks nice and hot on the inside while the outside stays cool to the touch. Keep 14 ounces soothing tea warm as you lose yourself in a good book or a quick bout of binge watching. These cups are even dishwasher safe, making clean up super easy. And don’t forget to have them engraved with your name or a nice relaxing phrase to put you in the perfect state of mind.

Relaxation PillowCREATE A SOFT SPACE

Proper relaxation techniques require something soft, and that’s where the Things Remembered Navy Canvas Throw Pillow comes in. This versatile pillow pluses up the look of any couch or easy chair, and comes in handy whenever a quick power nap is part of your relaxation routine. You can personalize this pillow with your name or a phrase (“For Mommy Use Only” comes to mind. It even comes with its own pillowcase and insert.Relaxation Candle


Surrounding yourself with soft and comfy things is just one part of any “Me Time” unwinding process; a big part of easing the stress is creating an ambience. It’s about creating a mood. And nothing does that better than Things Remembered’s Glass-Domed Pacific-Scented Candle. Fill any room with the soft glow of a candle flame and surround yourself with the fresh, peaceful aroma of this centerpiece-style candle. This candle comes in a pleasing pale blue color and is available in two sizes. Add the ideal “Me Time” touch by engraving the dome with your name or initials. When the candle burns down, it can be replaced with any decorative candle of your choice, which can make this classic piece a long-lasting fixture of your afternoon getaways for years to come.


Ready to put the icing on the cake of your perfect “Me Time” experience? Pour your favorite Chardonnay into our White Wine Glass. These elegant and trendy glasses have generous bowls to hold a goodly amount of your vintage of choice. Add a personal touch with your monogram, or get a set in case you want to invite a special someone to join you for your siesta – hey, there’s no rule that says you can’t turn “Me Time” into “We Time” whenever you want.

The wine, the robe, the pillow … everything you need to create an escape from the daily grind is right here at Things Remembered.   It’s more than just “Me Time;” it’s therapy. Go ahead and take a break; you’ve earned it.

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