The flowers in your yard are wilting from the heat. You’re pretty sure you could bake a pizza on the front seat of your car. Even the dog doesn’t want to go outside for a walk. Yes, it’s July – the sweltering height of summer. So what should you be thinking about? A refreshing dip in the swimming pool? A tall, icy glass of lemonade?

Nope. You should be thinking about your Christmas list.

Don’t laugh. Even though Christmas is the farthest thing from your mind right now, this is the ideal time to get visions of sugarplums dancing in your head. Sure, you’re initial instinct is to say, “Hey, it’s summer. I’m taking this time to relax.” But with just a little effort in July now, you can make your December holidays a stress-free season of joy. Here are four reasons why:

Christmas-in-July-3YOU AVOID THE RUSH

You’ve heard the cliché about “avoiding the holiday rush.” Well, it happens to be true. The holidays are a chaotic time for all of us. Because it’s not just about shopping. It’s about going to parties, or preparing to host parties. It’s about traveling to visit relatives, or having all your relatives come to your house. The holidays make free time vanish, and your ability to shop for thoughtful gifts can get lost in the shuffle.


The great thing about Things Remembered is that our perfect Christmas gifts are available all year long. This Christmas season, our Make-A-Wish® Pewter Star ornament will be incredibly popular. But you can pre-order it right now in the middle of July. Just think of the advantages from a gift-giving perspective! Rather than just choosing gifts in a hurry, you can put some thought into which people on your list will love this ornament. And don’t forget: every Things Remembered store has personalization guides that can help you choose just the right message for engraving. If you’re still feeling pressure, you can always ask a sales associate – they’re experts creating amazing and memorable engravings. You’ll have the luxury of shopping stress free. Because it’s July, not December.


How many times have you really wanted to find the perfect holiday gift idea for someone special, only to run out of time? The frantic pace of the holiday season can dash the best-laid gift-giving plans of even the most experience shopper.

The solution? Check out Things Remembered online while you’re lounging by the pool or enjoying a cold drink out on the deck. You can surf around the site for everyone on your shopping list. You even have the option to make your purchase online, and then pick up your personalized gifts at your local Things Remembered store as soon as four hours later.

Things Remembered is a perfect source for thoughtful, practical gifts. Our roomy leather carry-all pouches are ideal for the people on your list who rush around with more things than they can carry. These days, that’s practically everyone. These helpful clutches are not only stylish, but they come in many colors and can be personalized with initials or a fun three-letter word. That way you can give the same gift to more than one person on your list, and each one can still be completely unique. It doesn’t get more thoughtful than that.


By shopping early, what you’re really doing is giving yourself a gift: time. Without the holiday bearing down on you, you can create the most complete shopping list. All of us have had that “uh-oh” moment, realizing too late that a close friend or relative would be showing up at a holiday party – and you don’t have a gift for them.

Use this extra time to shop for everyone, and then count on Things Remembered to get the job done. You might think that Things Remembered would be an odd place to shop for just-in-case gifts. After all, how do you personalize a gift for a person that you weren’t even sure you’d see?

With our huge list of gifts, it’s easy. Our selection includes gifts like handbags, pocket knives, beer steins, and frames – all of which can be personalized. But keep in mind that “personalizing” doesn’t necessarily mean putting a specific name or initial. You can engrave a date, a message, a saying – almost anything.

Why not create take your extra time to create a small stash of “reserve gifts?” For men, get a supply of bottle openers engraved with “It’s five o’clock somewhere.” For women, maybe a tote embroidered with “Retail Therapy?” Let your imagination and sense of humor run wild. Your unexpected gift recipients will not only appreciate that you thought of them, but they’ll love these clever, useful gifts. Who knew impersonal personalized messages could be so fun?

So this July, a break from your lazy-day summer routine and try Christmas shopping without the crowds and subzero temperatures. Let Things Remembered be your go-to source for creating memorable gifts that your friends and family will cherish this holiday. Go ahead and get yourself in the mood for a little super-early holiday shopping with a nice steaming cup of hot cocoa.

OK, hot cocoa in 95-degree weather sounds kinda gross. Maybe skip that part.

Other great holiday gift options available right now at Things Remembered.

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