Finding just the right gifts for groomsmen can be a daunting prospect. What to get that’s perfect for them? They are close friends, and you want to thank them in just the right way.
But it might be easier than you think. Just select a gift that’s the best reflection of your groomsmen’s personalities. Here’s a list of five great gifts – one idea for each of the qualities that make your groomsmen the special guys that they are.


Good groomsmen can be leaned on to get the job done. Whether it’s planning the bachelor party festivities, or returning the tuxes after the wedding, these are the guys that can be counted on. And the Sterling Silver Wide Money Clip is just as steady and reliable as your crew. This durable, two-inch wide clip is ideal for bringing order to chaos, keeping loose cash and cards clipped conveniently together. Add some personality to this gift by engraving it with a monogram, or even their nicknames.Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 3.19.52 PM


No one chooses a bunch of sticks in the mud to be part of a wedding party. Any good groomsman knows how to liven up the evening. And guys like that will surely appreciate Things Remembered’s Shiny Stainless Steel Flask. It’s the classic way for the guys to tote around seven ounces of their favorite libation, and it can be tucked unobtrusively into a jacket or hip pocket. Our sleek flask comes with a convenient plastic funnel for easy re-filling, and can be personalized just for them with names, monograms or even a saying.Screen-Shot-2016-08-29-at-3.26.56-PM


Groomsmen are there when you need them. They are steady, ever present, and – if they don’t want the bride to kill them – punctual. Admirable qualities all, and wonderfully symbolized by our White Dial Skeleton Wristwatch. This classic timepiece has a style and personality that you cant’ get when you check the time on a cell phone. Your groomsmen will look great sporting this watch whether they’re dressing up or down, and body movement keeps the watch round and running perfectly. Each comes with an engravable wooden presentation box, and can be personalized with a message on the back of the watch. 000729226

4.) CLASSY  

You’re not just going to let anyone be part of your wedding party. You want guys of character. Guys with style. Guys with class. And our engraved Silver Cuff Links exude class and style, and immediately raise the quality of any shirt. Simple, clean, and classic, these cuff links perfectly accent any look, and can be engraved with your groomsmens’ initials. Turn your group of guys instantly into a collection of gentlemen all with one gift.000628246


Having a collection of good-looking dudes as groomsmen is always a plus for your wedding photos. And you can give them all a gift that can help keep them looking their suave and dapper best. Our Washed Canvas Dopp Kit can help your boys keep everything they need for their morning routine all in one place this faux leather case is roomy enough to store lots of toiletries, but compact enough to fit into a gym bag, suitcase, or work bag. Personalize this bag with initials of your favorite men.000346659

However many great qualities your groomsmen have, Things Remembered is sure to have a gift that will match them.


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