Your bridesmaids have been there every step of the way—long before you take that walk down the aisle. And while they’re surely honored for the rare role, their commitment deserves something special from you.

Surprise all the members of your bridal party with gifts that celebrate your friendship and help them prep to make your wedding day magical.

Introducing the bridesmaid bundle: the ultimate girlfriend goodie bag. Here are our tips on creating it and customizing it to every gal in your party.


More than a little lost when it comes to picking out bridesmaid gifts? That’s why we’re here.

The bridal bundle is a fun, thoughtful way to assemble an array of goodies for your squad before the big day. The bundle can include small items like water bottles, makeup, snacks and toiletries, but it’s also a great opportunity to include more lasting and meaningful gifts.

A standout centerpiece for a bridal bundle may be matching jewelry for your entire party to rock down the aisle. Personalized cuffs, necklaces and earrings allow you to customize accessories for each member of the party. Add monograms, their name, the date or coordinates of your wedding or another one-of-a-kind message.


Extras like personalized makeup compacts and photo frames will keep your bundle chic and unique while practical gifts like drinking flasks and tumblers will have your bridesmaids thinking about your big day every time they travel.

Show your bridesmaids you’ve spent time thinking of each of them by making every bundle unique with different hand-picked items that speak to who they are.


Now that you’ve assembled your bridal bundle, when should you gift your gal pals their extra-special items?

Popular times include the bachelorette party, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner, but, really, it depends what all is in your bundle.

Bundles with fun items like drink flasks, tumblers and totes make ideal bachelorette party accessories. Add personalized robes and makeup bags to the mix and they work just as well at the rehearsal dinner, right in time for big-day lounging during hair and makeup prep.

Whatever you decide, make sure to customize your bundle based on the occasion, considering what each bridesmaid might need and adding your own fun flair to complete the package.
Get started creating your bridesmaid bundles here.

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