There’s a myth that women are hard to shop for. But compared to kids, shopping for women is a breeze. Sure it’s easy to be misled into thinking that little kids are easy to buy for if you’re willing to settle for an average kid’s gift.

But if you want to give a child a special gift – the kind that really stands out and be enjoyed now and then saved as a keepsake, well … that’s when you need to call in the experts. And believe it or not, there’s no better place to find the perfect gift for a little one than Things Remembered.


elmo birthdayFluffy stuffed animals are always a hit with the little crowd, and we have two timeless classics. Elmo is a lovable bright-red monster has been beloved by children for decades, and our Peek-A-Boo Elmo is more than just something cuddly – actually can play games. Watch a child’s face light up as Elmo plays games, and says 13 phrases as he moves his blanket up-and-down in a time-honored game of peek-a-boo. You can embroider Elmo’s blanket with the name of a child to make this a unique gift that will be remembered and treasured.

bear birthdayWe’ve also managed to bring more than your average teddy bear to the party with the playful Gund Sleepy Time Bear. With the push of a button, this bear quickly does standard bed time bears one better, playing five minutes of soothing sounds for babies, easing them off to dreamland. The name of a child (or a bear) can be embroidered onto the Sleepy Time Bear’s pajama hat. The relaxing quality of this toy might make it more popular with moms and dads than the babies!


Tool toys are a hit with young boys from a very early age, and the Gund My First Tool box can start the little guy in your life off right. This collection of five plush tools comes in a colorful soft toolbox that kids will soon be toting around the house. Armed with a soft and fluffy saw crinkle toy, an screwdriver rattle, a squeaking wrench and even a hammer that makes noises, there’s no play project little Mr. Fix It’s can’t tackle. Be sure to embroider a name on the toolbox cover to put an extra grin on the future handyman’s face!kids birthdaykids birthday







Construction enthusiasts who can handle a more substantial set of tools will enjoy our Take-Along Tool Kit from Melissa & Doug®, another toolkit that can be personalize with a name. This set includes wooden nuts, screws, nails and bolts that can be used for constructive play time fun. This set comes in a durable, open-top wood tool kit that can be emblazoned with a name on both sides.


If building is popular, then puzzles are sure to be a hit. And the Under the Sea Chunky Puzzle is a great initial introduction to brain teasers for active young minds. Made from sturdy wooden pieces that are easy for small hands to grip, kids will enjoy taking this puzzle apart and putting it together again over and over. Make it even more personal by having the puzzle solver’s name engraved into the puzzle itself, to add an extra layer of challenge.


You can give a gift that will inspire hours of pretend play with the Gund My First Doctor Kit Playset. Embroider the little doc’s name on the plush medical bag and they’re ready to go off and start nursing ailing stuffed animals and “sick” family dogs back to health, with a soft thermometer, stethoscope, and medicine bottle. There’s even a bandaged stuffed bear to give the doctor their first patient.

Whether you’re mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma, or grandpa, you can’t go wrong with any of Things Remembered selection of truly personal gifts for the children in your life.

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