Looking for a fresh, fun way to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth as dinner winds down and before the dance floor heats up? While the classic wedding cake will always be in vogue, many forward-thinking couples are serving up their favorite goodies like cupcakes, pies, cookies and even ice cream sundaes when it’s time for dessert.

On a day that’s often dictated by traditions, choosing a novel dessert provides a chance to show off your unique personality and taste.
In love with lemon meringue pie? Crazy about caramel apples? Devoted to donuts? Share the love and the sugary goodness with a dessert that speaks to who you two are as a couple and what you love most.

Different sorts of desserts are a great way to weave in and celebrate you and your spouse’s traditions and heritage. Tiramisu might thrill your Italian grandmother, while a pineapple rum cake will leave your abuela beaming. Southern brides might opt for slicing up pecan or peach pie, while brides further north may prefer a delectable pancake bar complete with real maple syrup.

Tasty individual confections like cupcakes, macaroons, gourmet Oreo cookies and cream puffs allow your guests to serve themselves in sweet style without needing any silverware. They make perfect alternatives that add convenience to outdoor weddings and supply a more down-home feel. Plus, feeding each other these bite-size bonbons can take the place of a traditional cake-cutting ceremony for you, the happy couple.

Dessert is the perfect cherry on top of your wedding style, but really, the truth is, there’s no wrong way to do it—other than not having enough for the whole wedding, of course.





Displaying your dessert of choice is another opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Create a one-of-a-kind tiered tower showcasing your favorite treats as guests enter. Or arrange them in a way that complements your floral centerpieces at each table.

Have fun with different colored frosting (perhaps a way to show love for your favorite sports team). Or offer to-go boxes for extra servings instead of a traditional wedding favor. (We’ve never met a cookie table we haven’t fallen in love with.)

Make-your-own stations are another great way to serve up your favorite confections. An ice cream sundae bar with a range of mouth-watering toppings to choose from will delight your guests. Allowing everyone to assemble a plate of assorted pastries will be an instant crowd-pleaser. And a fresh fruit and chocolate fondue bar will blow your fellow revelers away.



At the end of the day, if only the classic wedding cake will do, we totally understand. After all, why mess with a tried-and-true tradition? The classic tiered cake is a timeless treat, and our elegant range of personalized cake-cutters and servers will bring back sweet memories from your special day every time you use them.

Any way you slice it, the treat you serve on your most important day is all about you and your beloved. It will forever hold meaning whether you’re reliving the day through photos or reaching for that dessert menu on your anniversary.

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