Raise a glass, the big day is almost here!

As your wedding approaches, you’ll want to think about how to plan out the order and arrangement of toasts. Many special people in your life will want to offer their congratulations with a short speech, but how can you successfully include them all? We’re here to help.

When it comes to clinking the bubbly, you can stay super-traditional, or go with a more modern order of ceremony. Depending on who you’d like to make a toast and how many of your loved ones would like to say a few words, help keep the party moving with our useful tips on toasting traditions (and when to avoid them).



We’ll start with the traditional toast-givers that typically get remembered most the day after: the maid of honor and the best man, each giving the initial offering of congratulations after the couple’s first dance or during dinner.

And a helpful hint to relay to the best man: As the groom’s source of support throughout the big day, he should try to take it easy on the specialty cocktail before saying a few words to you, the happy couple, and all your closest family and friends.

Funny school stories are great, if they’re appropriate, but reassure the best man that heartfelt, sincere words should shine through, and, of course, well wishes for you, the happy couple.

Besides the best man and maid of honor, other standard toasters include the father of the bride or other important figures in your two’s lives. You won’t want to weigh down your wedding reception with too many speeches—guests are also there to dance, eat and be merry!—but that doesn’t mean leaving out those most important to you.

If you feel as though there are too many congratulatory interludes on deck (more than one best man or maid of honor, for example) you might ask certain toasters to give their speeches at the rehearsal dinner instead.



As the festivities draw to a close, you newlyweds may want to offer a few words to your guests. After cutting the cake is perfect for this. You won’t want to make a long speech, and no guest would expect it to be, but heartfelt thank-yous to those who have made your special day possible will be much appreciated, especially recognizing out-of-town travelers. Gatherings of family and friends of this magnitude are rare; mark the milestone with those you care about and express your gratitude for their support and presence.




Sometimes, the traditional toast-givers may not feel up to making a big speech of their own creation in front of a large crowd. If your best man or maid of honor is feeling queasy at the thought of composing an original toast, there are a few other ways they can show their love for you as a couple.

Perhaps the maid of honor has a talent for singing? A solo performance on the microphone might be more daunting than a speech to some, but for the musically-inclined, it might feel more comfortable.

Perhaps the best man would rather read a poem than a composition in his own words? Getting one’s own thoughts down on paper can be difficult, but a sonnet written by a professional might make it easier for the toast-maker to express himself!

And if the person in the traditional toast-making role simply can’t fathom the idea of standing up and speaking in front of a group of people, a pre-taped message or video montage shown by the DJ can make a touching (and lasting) impression!

Allow your friends and family to express their good wishes for you in a way that feels right to them, and appropriate for the audience. You’ll want them to be comfortable on the big day, as well.



No matter the toasting schedule, make sure you and your sweetie are in agreement about who to hand the microphone, and enjoy your loved ones’ good wishes for you over a glass of well-deserved champagne. Our personalized toasting flutes can give your reception a finishing touch that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Cakes and flowers make for a beautiful big day, but toasting your anniversary every year with customized stemware that includes your names and wedding date makes for a wonderful reminder of the happiest day of your life. Cheers, newlyweds!

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