Admit it: you’re ready for summer to be over. This would’ve sounded crazy just a few weeks ago. And it’s nothing you should say out loud in front of your kids, or they’re really think you’ve lost it.

Sure, all the sun and the downtime was nice. But you’re tired of sweating and mosquitos. You’re ready to pack up the shorts and pull those nice comfy sweaters down from the top shelf of your closet. Getting ready for the change in weather is like preparing for a whole new year. It’s not just a changed of clothes; your entire house needs an autumnal overlay.

And yes … you’re kind of excited about it.


One great way to start putting the summer in your rearview mirror is to frame up all of those great pics you took just a few weeks back on your summer vacation, and put them all over the house. Recent memories are just as sweet as old ones, and sprinkling your home with reminders of the fun you had over the summer will make everyone smile.

Whether you’re looking to display your photos with class frames, or something more contemporary, Things Remembered has you covered. Showcase those summer memories in a classic, dark walnut picture frame. Or choose a more colorful frame with a clean, simple design that reflects the care-free laughs and smiles that are in the photos. You can also group your pictures together and tell the story of your summer with our Hanging Collage Frames that display six photos in a single frame. And don’t forget to immortalize the summer fun by customizing any frame with your family name, or the year and location of your vacation.


With the coming of fall, there will be plenty of kids sports games to attend. So be sure you’re prepared by bringing a nice hot cup of coffee in a Corkcicle 24-ounce Stainless Steel tumbler. This triple-insulated cup can keep your drink hot for up three hours, and its spill-proof lid is great for either the drive to work, or sitting in the stands. Be sure to personalize this handy travel mug so that it doesn’t wander off with other members of the family.


The welcomed approach of cooler weather brings fall blanketssome of the best parts of the fall. Instead of sweltering on the couch with the fan on high, you’ll get the chance to curl up with a good book. And if you’re ready to get really cozy, you can’t beat our Fringe-Trimmed Chenille Throw. Good luck trying to pry yourself off the couch once you wrap yourself in the softness of this blanket. Add a personal message or a monogram, and this throw can make a great decorative piece on the living room sofa, but we doubt it will stay on the back of the couch as the temperature drops.

fall door knockerUPDATE YOUR HOME

You don’t have to limit fall decorations to the inside of the house – doll up your front door with a personalized Baldwin Contemporary Door Knocker. Welcome your house guests with this stylish bronze knocker. Each comes complete with a full set of mounting hardware, installation instructions, and a drill plate. Engrave your family name or a welcome message for an added personal touch. It will certainly take the chill out of any new arrival before they’re even in the door.

The way Things Remembered prepares you for fall, you won’t miss summer at all … at least for a few months.

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